I love this HELLO on our front door.  Thank you Laura Marcello from Slaybels for these clings.  Her clings are advertised for glasses for special occasions. I think these clings are great to personalize glasses for special events, but can personalize so much more.  Everyone who comes to our door will be greeted with her Hello with its bold and creative font.

In addition to the window I asked her to create a cling for my trash bin. When friends come to visit they don’t have to ask “where is the trash bin?”.  This fun cling keeps people from searching the kitchen. I plan to order more use them on mirrors. Laura was very upfront and said that the cling might not adhere well to the trash bin but I wanted to try it anyway.  I don’t think it will stay as secure as it does on the glass but so far so good. Visit her site, she has a lot of font and color options, and great prices. https://www.etsy.com/in-en/listing/644505583/bridal-party-gift-custom-vinyl-decals