Our Progress

February 11, 2019

February 21, 2019

After a few days of inhibiting snow and a short trip to Idaho we are back at the farmhouse making progress.  Our trip to Idaho included touring around the area looking at some very quaint historic homes. It was a nice vacation to visit friends and family and revitalize our excitement for our restoration project. On Pauls mind was the plumbing work he would be consuming himself with upon our return. My mind was consumed with the more final stages of the project..such as the finish on the dresser that we are repurposing into the main bath vanity. The center photo is an example of the distressed painting I plan to apply. The white square raised sink will have a brushed bronze faucet to accent the distressed paint. I included a picture of the clawfoot tub that we will restore and paint. This is where I would love our contribution. Chime in and share your experience and design ideas. Do you have similar projects that you have completed? If so let us know if you want them in our feature section.

February 7, 2019

We are still inhibited regarding our progress because of the snow and teen temperatures.  The word teens, in terms of age, has often been associated with turbulent emotional years. A time when parents need to be highly alert and involved.  We are personally past the teens in terms of our boys and we weathered that season well. Our boys grew into exceptional young men and we are thankful as we look back on that season fondly.   That was a busy time and we are now at a new busy season of our lives as we embark on the Farmhouse Revival. We are persevering through the days with temperatures in the teens.  Snow has fallen and we have been in the teen temperatures for several days. I am thankful for my hardworking husband. The weather has certainly slowed him from his usual pace, but he is not letting it stop him.  He isolated himself in the basement to get it ready for the next phase. Soon we will have sheetrock delivered so he cleared the basement to make room for storage to clear the way for sheetrocking.

February 4, 2019

This snowy day did delay the intended progress. Paul rallied and turned it into demo day. So some progress was made:

February 2, 2019

Clean up and foundation repair complete. This was a turning point to other progress being able to proceed. R&R Foundation efficiently emerged with their men and gear to complete the foundation repair in two days. This was a turning point to other progress so it felt like a big deal to us.

Catching you up…the starting point of this blog

It’s important to look for the good in all situations. That is a bit of a struggle today as we are shivering while trying to work on our “dream” that is not feeling very dreamy right now. The good in this extremely cold situation is that I am taking the time to warm my toes to get you some pictures of what this project looked like from the start.

This back door is a visual of the old and the new. The old has gone..the new has come. A small step in the process bringing with it a glimmer of hope.

While waiting for the foundation work to get completed Paul continued to work on demolition to reveal this old growth fir.

We needed to do a temporary fix on these steps for safety reasons. We are spending many evenings engrossed in online shopping for all sorts of things (we even had a bathtub delivered). It’s been great to get so much delivered without needing to drive around to supply our remodel needs. Keeping our delivery people safe was important. We are hoping the neighbors are not in fear that this is what we consider remodeling. This is our temporary safety fix.

What your seeing in these photos is a visual to emphasize the magnitude of the cleanup project we tackled.

We were on a first name basis with the workers at the dump. I had wonderful bonding times with my son while on our multiple trips to the dump. The money here shows the only result after searching through numerous piles in hope of finding some sort of treasure. We are still feeling blessed with the confidence that the true treasure will be revealed when this restoration is complete.