Before and after

We are enjoying the after.  It has been a long process to make this old house our home but we are there.  We enjoy family time at the farmhouse.

This picture, of what we assume to be the first family to live in this house (circa 1925), was shared with us in reponse to a facebook post asking Snohomish friends to empart their knowledge of our property.  We had a wonderful weekend here with family and created our reenactment of the family portrait – right along with dad standing off to the left.

Another thing we love about our house is that we have awesome neighbors.  Our favorite one came over to take pictures of our fun weekend.

The posts have been sparse lately.  The big work is done.  Now we are spending time enjoying our comfortable charming farmhouse. Since the exterior work for the shop is complete, work is continuing inside to add insulation and improved electrical.

While that is in the works, we are in the planning stages for our addition of a barn-style garage.  Hopefully more to come on that soon.


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