Carriage house

A carriage house is a building or outbuilding that is separate from the living quarters.  It was originally designed for the storage of coaches, carriages, other vehicles, and sometimes horses.

When we first gained access, this outbuilding was used for storing a variety of things.  It was literally packed to the rafters with raspberry crates, horse tack, tools,  and farm equipment.   A dividing wall has been removed.  The rotted wood floor has been restored, and we are using this outbuilding as the woodworking shop.

Originally, there were three sliding doors.   Those doors were highly inefficient because when open, they would conflicted with each other.  That meant only one door at a time could fully open.  The new  carriage  doors give this building a fresh look and improved function. A window was added and all existing windows were replaced with awning style windows.

When we purchased the property, this is what we saw.  So, we had to clear the way to see what we had:

And now…

The process:

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