We are spending time shopping around

“We are spending time shopping around” are the correct words but not in the right order.  We are actually spending time around the shop.  The process has seemed to take a while, but a lot has been done.  This has been a multi-layer process:

  1. Cleaning, inside and out.  This building was hard to see when we purchased this property because it was completely overgrown.  Part one of the process was to clear the brush covering the building and then clean the  interior that was filled with “stuff”….

2. Removing wall to open space…

3. Replacing rotted floor boards and leveling…

4. Replacing inefficient slider doors with carriage doors. This building was originally built with three sliding barn doors that were very difficult to operate. The doors could not open at the same time making them inefficient. With 9 doors left over from the house remodel, they were pulled apart and repurposed into larger carrage doors. Double-pane tempered glass panels were the finishing touch on these new carrage doors.

5. Replacing and adding new awning windows. The original single pane windows did not open – they would slide up but were all fastened tight. The new windows are appropriate for a building of this age and are easy to open!

Coming soon….install remaining windows (there are 10), pressure wash, caulk, prime, prime, prime (yes, no mistake, 3 times intended), and paint.

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