Check it out(building)

Next in line for this farmhouse revival is the revival of this outbuilding – the original barn.

The first step, as with the house, was cleanup.

The interior has been rebuilt.  Electricity and lighting have been added.  Much of the floor was rotted and therefore replaced. Due to neglect, the front of the structure sank about four inches. Along with replacing sections of the floor, the front building was lifted to its original position. There was an interior wall that divided the building into two rooms, that wall limited the functional space, so it was removed. This space was the home to many living creatures for years, as evidenced by the “rodent condos” that we found in the crates that were stored in the rafters.

Since then, this “shop” has been the functional space where stair posts and railings were made.  Also the barndoors were constructed there from repurposed materials.   Most recently a barn door was built in the shop for our son’s house, also from repurposed wood, which makes it extra special in our minds.

The building’s existing sliding doors are not very functional and are in the process being rebuilt. The three sliding doors will be replaced by two sets of carriage doors – which will give tremendous character and functionality to this old building.  The final step of this project will be the exterior restoration and painting. We are excited for the next big update coming soon.

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