No man is an island

What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘No man is an island’?  That phrase expresses the idea that human beings are not meant to be isolated from others.  Humans need to be part of a community in order to thrive. This is certainly an intriguing phrase to ponder during our recent social modifications due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Our farmhouse revival has been a substantial venture.  The combination of navigating the current pandemic and the extensive nature of this farmhouse revival actually makes this remodel therapeutic.  This restoration has brought with it healthy distraction.  Our farmhouse revival has kept us busy and engaged in activities to keep us positive.

The most recent project is the completion of our kitchen island:

We had a temporary island that was needed when the quartz surface installation was in process:

The finished island had to wait until the barn was cleaned up and rebuilt to get the tools set up and functioning for finishing projects.  The island is composed of repurposed wood found in the barn and basement.  The slat shelves were actually part of the original kitchen cabinetry. We thought it would be special to incorporate these shelves into the new design.  We didn’t make any modifications to the size, they were simply refinished. We can only imagine what sat on these shelves over the past 95 years.  Its comforting to know they will remain in the kitchen – where they may stay for the next 95 years.

We got creative with swapping out the temporary island with the new island.  The quartz counter surface was much too heavy (approx. 250 lbs.) to move around, so we used this creative staging method:

In conjunction with completing the island, the laundry counter, sink, and backsplash were installed.  Notice the slatted shelf at the base which is also repurposed wood but styled after the original kitchen shelves.   The counter legs are repurposed from old barstools found in the basement (when inverted, they make great legs!).  The backsplash was repurposed random wood stored in the barn.

The next project is the completion of the stair post and railing system, which was also in cue after the shop was ready.

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