Transitioning into a new year brings with it a time of reflection for the year that has passed.  The year 2020 is certainly one of the most interesting years to prompt deep refection.  January is our time of reflection.

What will you remember 2020 for? The response for most of us would be PANDEMIC!

What are you proud of? Farmhouserevivers.com

What was your biggest challenge? Again, the pandemic

Which word/s describes 2020? Prayer, patience, and perseverance

Our 2020 in review:

Before the monthly summary begins, here is just one snapshot to compare the beginning of our restoration project and the end of 2020:

Many projects were completed simultaneously throughout the year.  For this reflection, each month will remind us of the most significant Farmhouse remodel update:

January: A bedroom was remodeled into the master bath.

February: This month the kitchen and bathrooms were complete and we were getting ready to move out of the trailer.  We initially planned to live there for 12 months while we worked on the remodel.  Because of our decision to make schedule changes to secure the exterior from winter weather, our trailer living was extended to 18 months.

March: This month was significant because it was the beginning of the mandated quarantine. We moved out of the trailer and into the incomplete house just one week prior to the mandated lockdown quarantine.  The kitchen, bedroom, and one bathroom were complete.   At the time, we were in the process of installing the shiplap.

April: Before and after of the stairwell:  Installing the shiplap in this stairwell ceiling was  challenging:

Shiplap installation was completed throughout the house. The tiling and downstairs bathroom was also completed this month:

May: The painting of all the installed shiplap was completed in May.  That was a time consuming process because each nickel gap was hand painted.

June:  This month was puzzle month.  There were stacks of trim piled in the basement and we figured out where each trim piece originated.  That process was followed up with sanding, painting, installation, and finish painting.  Some parts of the trim were painted with many layers of paint, while others were stained.  We spent extensive hours out of the front lawn with the sander to prep for paint.  That time was fun because we had many conversations with interested walkers and cyclists.

July: All trim was installed with finishing paint completed.

We also took some vacation time from our project to enjoy the summer weather, mostly on the porch.

August: We were harvesting an abundance of pears and apples.  Delicious and 100% organic:

The nice weather during this month allowed the front yard to turn into somewhat of a sanding station.  Several furniture pieces were refinished as small projects between bigger projects

September:  We were harvesting walnuts and adding the comforts of home.


October: Adding more finishing touches to the house and getting ready for winter with the wood burning stove installation.

November: Barn doors were completed and installed.  It was motivating to get those finishing touches completed in preparation for Christmas.  These doors are completely repurposed from existing doors and wood from the house.

Then bigger projects were paused to finish off some smaller projects like the bathtub boards and the charcuterie board that needed to be completed before Christmas feasting festivities. All created from repurposed wood.

December: Our first Christmas living in the house.  The house is so comfortable now and we enjoyed our relaxing time over the Christmas season with family.

For 2021 we have many projects remaining.  By the close of this year this house will be complete.  Projects in cue include stairs railing, landscaping, installing a garden, barn restoration, and building a barn style garage.

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  • Joelle L Spell

    This was so fun to go through. I can’t believe I’ve never been there. Hope you are both well. Hopefully once covid restrictions lift we can all get together again. 🙂

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