It’s all above board

It’s all above board, the bathtub board that is.

We are adding more finishing touches as we continue our farmhouse restoration projects.

Where we started:

We moved the tub out to the porch so we could perform an acid wash to clean and etch the surface in preparation for the resurfacing epoxy. This was a two-part product (epoxy and constituent) that was very easy to work with but was also extremely messy. The restoration process went very well thanks to the videos available for this project. The resurfacing was followed up with painting the tub’s exterior (black) and claw feet (sparkle silver):

Then returned the tub to its location.  This tub is extremely heavy so that was an “interesting” process:

Now the bathroom is complete and the finishing touch of  the bathtub board is in place. This was the vision way back when we were in the trailer dreaming of the days we would enjoy our farmhouse restoration. The wood used was left over stair tread from when the house was originally built. Yes, this wood has been stored in the basement, like everything else down there, for 95 years. We often say “the good news is, the previous owners kept everything….the bad new is, the previous owners kept everything.” We were glad to find three pieces of beautiful 1″ thick clear fir to use for this project. We remind ourselves of this during the months it took us to clear the old farmhouse of all the unnecessary items while hanging onto some treasures:

We made a duplicate bathtub board for the upstairs bath.  Recall, there was only one very small quarter bathroom upstairs so we transformed an extra bedroom into the master bath. Where we started:

The process:

And done!

With the finishing touch:



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