Were you born in a barn?

Were you born in a barn?

That is a rhetorical phrase intended to criticize the person who left the door open.  Its origin might originate because barn doors are opened in the early morning to let the cows out to pasture.  The door would remained open until the cows were herded back in for milking in early evening.

Well, this place might prompt the thought “were you born in a barn” because we now have two beautiful barn doors.  One in the master bedroom and this most recent in the dining room. And yes, they will usually be left open.

Barn doors are a trend these days.  We consider these doors so perfect for this farmhouse restoration to accent the charm as we modernize this farmhouse.  Aside from the appropriate look for this house, the slider design makes them functional for the space.  The door rollers for the dining room were literally dug up from our property.  We cleared a lot of trash and reclaim. These rollers were one of few “treasures” we kept.  Its surprising these rollers were not thrown in with the metal recycling.  We kept the first one and found the second one weeks later. They appear to be the hardware from the original dairy barn. While the structure is still somewhat in place, the doors and roof are long gone. The rusty rollers needed to be fully refurbished.  We are loving the look of these hearty refurbished rollers for this hefty door:

All materials for the two barndoors were repurposed from extra doors and shelves that were in the basement:

We don’t want to lie by saying these doors are 100% repurposed.  The handle hardware was ordered and delivered to our door. Yay for online shopping!

That’s it, there will be no more interior barn doors.  More to come for the garage in spring though.

Here is a reminder of the amount of  metal we had on the grounds….15 tons – that’s 30,000 pounds of just metal recycling!:


  • carol henry

    Remembering how much I enjoyed our conversations about this, that and the other thing . . .
    Wishing I could be hearing about your renovations in person . . .
    Sounds like things are going well!
    Miss you!

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