Home fires burning

Keeping home fires burning is a term that means to maintain a daily routine and provide the necessities of life in a home or community. Historically, the term’s origin was to say the household was being run as normal while a family member was away at war. 1914 was the year this term is credited with its start, 11 years before the construction of this house.

Currently, we are living through a worldwide pandemic, it is a time when being home (homebody style) we are literally keeping the fires burning as we isolate/social distance ourselves.  Starting up a fire was the natural thing to do this morning when we woke to 26 degree temperatures.  It was so nice to start our day with our coffee before the fire.  Keeping our home fires burning throughout the day.

This house did not have a fireplace. We added this wood burner and are loving the mood and warmth it brings to  our farmhouse restoration.  

Where this story started:

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