Beam me up

So far, the year 2020 has provided experiences that I would compare to elements of a sci-fi movie.  There have been days that seem like we are in a sci-fi movie and we want to say “beam me up” to get back to the ship and get out of the crazy.  When we took on this farmhouse project we considered it a bit of a crazy adventure.  At the time, we had no idea that we would be in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.  As this house reaches completion we are thankful for this comfortable home where it is no burden to quarantine ourselves.

The “beam me up” reference in this case is not like that command made by Captain Kirk when he wanted to get off the pandemic plagued planet to reenter the Enterprise.  Our beams are up and we love them.  We don’t have pictures to show you of the original ceiling but the ceiling was originally closed off.  We eliminated the ceiling to open up the space; thereby, making it brighter and less confined.  We continued the shiplap to the peak to highlight the rich wood beams and fan.

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