Winter prep

We are not having our dinners on the front porch any longer because these summer evenings are already getting chilly.  We have moved our dinners to the enclosed back porch.

Here is a before and after view of the kitchen that leads to the back porch:

This is our back porch, which we initially dubbed as the “coffee room”.  We have been enjoying our dinners here as we watch the squirrels scurry about the yard, up and down the trees preparing for fall.  Our walnut and hazelnut trees are keeping them busy and happy.

We are doing our own nesting for winter, but instead of nuts, we are preparing for winter by making this place cozy by creating comfortable living areas.

This house did not have a fireplace in the past.  We are adding a wood-burning stove for our winter heat.  The stovepipe has been on order.  Its late arrival is fine.  We are confident that it will be here long before the temperature demands it.

In the meantime, while the squirrels are gathering walnuts in preparation for the change in temperature, we are gathering pillows and throws to get this place ready for a cozy winter season.


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