Enjoying the fruits of our labor

Literally!…we are enjoying an abundance of fruit for our labor.   We are a happy pair/pear of farmhouse restorers.

Our trees had not been maintained for many years. We have pruned, and pruned, and pruned…we have also enjoyed prunes, in the form of plums actually.

This property is tremendously awesome  (as in tree mendous)….sorry, it’s getting a little heavy on the fun wording.   On the property, we have the following trees:  3 pear, 1 asian pear, 7 cherry, 7 apple, 7 plum, 4 walnut.  Which accompanies 1 grape arbor with 3 old vines and an abundance of blackberries.

Here is the recipe for our favorite pear salad. 
It’s incredibly simple and delicious!!!
5-6 cups baby spinach
1/2 medium red onion sliced thin
2 pears, thinly sliced
1 cup crumbled goat cheese
1/4 cup vinegarette dressing
Toss and serve.

We have enjoyed meeting so many people who stopped with words of encouragement about this restoration project.  It has been fun getting to know the locals.  In some cases, that has developed into a friendly bartering system.   That bartering is reminiscent of the time our 1925 farmhouse started its life when bartering was common practice.  Recently we received a bag of beautiful tomatoes and lemon cucumbers. The lemon cucumbers were new to us and we have enjoyed them immensely.  In return, our friendly neighbors have enjoyed as many pairs as they want to pick.  Sweet friends and sweet trades.

In the meantime, the progress on the shed/shop continues.  One of the cleanup projects in the shed includes the removal of many raspberry crates that are stacked in the rafters providing proof of the stories the locals tell us that this was once a U-Pick Raspberry farm.

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  • monika

    I know. We are surprised too. Especially because this was a raspberry farm so it’s not like there were just a couple of bushes. We have so much fruit but not a single raspberry bush.

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