Putting out some effort for our outbuilding

It’s time to shape up the barn.  This area was once a storage area for farm tools and supplies.  As with much of this house, it was stacked with stuff/junk/treasure (it’s all in the perspective).

This is what it looked like when we bought this project so we really didn’t know what was inside:

We are changing the appearance, the foundation, and the name.  We are calling the “shop”. Our timing to complete this shop is needed to set up the necessary tools to finish our interior house projects; such as the barn doors and shelves.

Step one was to clear out the old treasures/junk…

We wanted to find the history behind these pull tabs and this label to see get an idea of its age.  We were only able to assess that this can could be anywhere from 1950-1970…Not much was available to narrow down any accurate dates:

Along with an array of “treasures”, the rafters were stacked high with raspberry crates that we know were used when this place was the Pleasant Valley Farm back some 60 years ago when the farm operated a U-pick raspberry business.  Based on the evidence we saw when we removed the crates from the rafters, they have since been comfortable little condos for rodents:

Step two was to lift the east wall (front) of the barn four inches to bring it back to its original level.

Step three was to replace the dry rotted floor joists and floorboards that caused the four-inch deterioration, which was the cause of the visible sag in the roofline.

Next up…adding a new electrical panel, modern-day outlets, and lighting so this building can be a real woodshop.  The doors will be changed from sliders to carriage doors, install new windows and fans.  The final step is to improve its appearance with exterior paint…this will be the final step that we anticipated will be appreciated by our neighbors.

We have gotten so much response from people coming by to say they love what we have done with the place to improve it. We sure enjoy the positive feedback and appreciation.

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