On these summer nights, the window stays open.  This leads to fresh cool air flowing in throughout the night, yielding good rest.  Until….4:30 A.M. that is, which is when the chirping of birds get the new day started.  Birds nest, meaning they prepare their homes to protect and feed their young.  “Nesting Phase” is a term used to describe the urge that is typical for pregnant women who frantically clean to prepare for the new baby’s arrival.  For this house, the new baby years are in the past, but the preparation of turning this restored farmhouse into home is in progress.  Paul will tease me as I move things around to find the perfect spot by asking “are you nesting”?

Note that our goal is to live simply without clutter.  Breaking that emotional attachment to “things” can be difficult but we managed to separate the emotional from the practical to reach our goal to live simply.   We figured out a way to work in the two things we could not part with.  Those are the gramophone and the marble top table.

The gramophone was first invented in 1887.  We think this gramophone is a good fit for our 1925 house. Many years ago, Paul bought this gramophone and restored it. 

The marble top table (now the TV stand) has been in the family for many years.

This secretary was purchased and restored many years ago.  It has been repurposed to be used in place of what was planned for a credenza.

In progress:

Paul is cleaning this outbuilding to prepare it for his shop tools.

The final projects for the house will require bench tools that have been stored in the building since we moved in. These projects include such items as the barn doors for the bedroom and dining room; stair rails and posts; and the large shelves for the kitchen. Currently, this building is in the stage of clean up to prep for rebuilding the doors, full electrical, lighting, new windows, foundation repair, leveling, paint, and a new roof. Back in the day, this building was used to support the old farm. There are still empty raspberry crates stored in the rafters and part of the building was used to repair farm equipment. Paul is anxious for it to be the Pleasant Valley Sawdust Factory….this starts from stories we have heard that once upon a time this place was called the Pleasant Valley Farm….that will unfold in future posts.

Also in progress is the refinishing of our table set to fit in with our new farmhouse design.


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