Progress takes time.  Currently, trim painting is the time-consuming process that is eating up our time, along with our patience.  The result is worth the tedious work. we are down to the trim paint for the final 7 windows and 12 doorways….. next, the installation of the baseboards and crown molding for the remaining downstairs rooms followed by finish paint

We appreciate time. We are thankful that we are able to have the time to restore this old house.

We treasure time. We spend our days working and stop at 6 every night to take the time to enjoy our porch and what we have completed.

We value time.  We take time away from this project to be with friends and family.  Yesterday we took the afternoon off to celebrate our neighbor’s 95th birthday. He is the same age as this house. We were happy to take time away from our progress to celebrate him….at a safe social distance of course.

Taking time away from projects to spend time with our people is always a priority.  The trim had to wait:

Trim completed and in the process of finish paint – dining room:

The before and after:


Time for projects between projects.

Cleaned up the nasty old stairwell to the basement:

This is where we spend our time planning our next project:

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