We have a hot tub

We have a “hot” tub, not a “hot tub”.  In 2005, Paris Hilton began using “that’s hot” as a catchphrase. That might have been her catchphrase, but I’m considering it catchy because our restored clawfoot tub is not a “hot tub” it’s simply “hot” because it’s so good looking.  The best part is that we brought this ugly old tub back to life.


Old tub refinishing process:

While we were resurfacing the tub, we also resurfaced the porta-potty sink.  If you recall from a previous post, we called the only previous upstairs bathroom the porta-potty bathroom because it was literally the size of a porta-potty.  We took the closet from the adjoining room to double the size of that bathroom.  Where the arrow is you can see the wall that was removed to expand the size of that room:

We thought this stamp on the back of the original sink was pretty cool:

Our updated bathroom – we still call it the porta-potty bathroom even though it’s really not a fitting name any longer:




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