We can’t agree

Our cozy nook/breakfast room/keeping room/back porch: 

It’s not often that we do not agree.  This is one of those rare times.  Paul wants to call this area “the back porch”.  I don’t like calling it that because we have a front porch.  I would like to call the porch “the porch” and not add front or back to the name.  My opinion is that it needs to be easy to say.  This room is the place where we sit to have our morning coffee.  I would like to call it one of the following:

nook:  defined as an area adjacent to the kitchen.  A term that dates back to colonial times. It is a room that is separate from the rest of the room, a secluded spot.

breakfast room: often synonymous to a nook, because it is a separate room for breakfast

keeping room: a room adjacent to the kitchen.  An area meant for people who want to be in the main area but keep out of the way of the activities in the kitchen.

What is your opinion?  If you come over for coffee, would you like to sit in the nook, the breakfast room, the keeping room, or the back porch?

Many people have thought this “back porch” was an addition to the house.  That is a reasonable thought. We know from this old photo that it was an original part of the house. This is the reason Paul wants to call this room the back porch. This porch was likely originally designed to be open-air, similar to the front porch. For whatever reason, this room was closed-in when the house was constructed.

Before and after from the same view:

Here is a before and after of the floor:  We were very happy to see the beautiful wood floor when we stripped off this laminate.

I want to point out the riser on the stairs is repurposed.  From the vast amount of things we cleared out of this house, we saved a few choice things.  One of those was sheets of melamine that was in very good condition. Paul used that material for the riser on the stairs.  This looks like crisp paint and will make small scuff marks easy to clean.

This table was a fun find on Facebook Marketplace.  It required sanding, painting, and new cushions to complete the restoration.  Because this is a farmhouse, we decided to distress the chairs.  We are loving the end result.

This cabinet could not have been a better fit in this spot.   Some paint and stain helped it fit in:

This is what we see when we enter our back door.  Love this farmhouse sign that a friend gifted us with.  Also, this basket is our place for keys as we enter.  I love the reminder of the Farmhouse Living that is so perfect here.  This book was also a gift from a friend, which makes it extra special.  Its been so awesome to have so many friends cheering us on during this project.  Look at that door that leads to the basement, I hope to be sharing a picture with you soon when it is refinished…the projects continue.


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