Move that bus

If you have ever watched a fixer-upper show you know what “move that bus” means.  For those shows, a team of workers swoop in to do a complete remodel in a week.  The homeowners leave for the week and return to the house when the remodel is complete.  The scene in the show goes like this:  A large bus blocks the view of the house, the show host shouts “move that bus”, the bus drives away and the owners see their beautiful newly remodeled home.  This is the dramatic time that is often accompanied by screams and/or tears.

This is our “move that bus” moment….our bus is an RV.

Ours didn’t take a week, it took a year. We lived in this trailer while the house was in a dusty state of remodeling.  Now we have enough rooms complete to be fully livable. We were happy to see our bus/RV drive away with a happy new owner.  Move that bus/RV:

We knew that our RV living was temporary and considered it a fun part of our season.  We managed it well but Paul told me that I should never ask him to go camping again.  His camping for the year was enough. He said it only in jest (I think?).

Here is a reminder of where we started:

This is the inside view of our fully enclosed back porch, where work is in progress:

More to come on that soon….


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