We are stocked up

Something that seems really terrible at the time can turn our okay.  Our pantry is a visual example.  I’m going to pause that thought to make it clear that we are not minimizing the severity of the situation with the Covid19 virus in any way. Just saying, stay positive, we will weather this storm.

We have shared with many people that our first two months of owning this house was a time when we did nothing but dump runs.  We were on a first-name basis with the workers at the transfer station.

This is what the interior of our hall closet looked like:

Worked our way to the bottom layer:

The open ceiling/stairs with the ducting removed:

Sealed off the open ceiling.  Note: that ceiling is repurposed wood from the old front porch.:

Added shelving to transform this closet, which is just off the kitchen, into our pantry.  Note the shelving was repurposed from the shelves that were in the basement:

We ordered these brackets from The Rustic Bracket Company. We love them!  You can get them finished and painted but we wanted to keep them rustic.  We will be using these for our shelves in the kitchen too.  Dave, the owner, was so easy to work with. 

Now, our pantry is stocked! 

This is a surreal time.  The quarantine and the unknown for what is next to come is uncomfortable, but we are reminding ourselves to stay positive.  We pray you and your family can find some projects to work on.   Stay busy, positive, and healthy.

At this house, we are washing hands and saying our prayers!


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