Guests are welcome

It was 15 months ago that we moved out of our four-bedroom, with bonus-room, house to transition into our empty nest season of life.   That was not a simple transition because we moved to tackle the remodel of this 1925 farmhouse.  While trying to maintain the original charm of the place, we did some modernizing to make the house more functional and updated.  We remodeled the bedroom at the end of the hall into the ensuite.  Closets were taken from one room and given to another in order to expand the upstairs guest bath.

For this guestroom, adding the finishing touches to make this room cozy is the easy and fun part.  We wanted to keep the guest bedroom because we want our grown kids to know that our home will always be their home. And, now we have space for guests to be welcomed too.

We have a cozy minimalist attitude about this house, clean and cozy.  This picture had to be hung because it looks great and it has sentimental value.  Look closely, the artist signed it to our boys.

There is one more bedroom downstairs.  We are planning to use that room as a study.  The closet will remain in that study so if we decide later that we need an extra bedroom it will be an easy change of furniture to make that happen.  More on that soon….




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