My thoughts are flooded with thankfulness

Yep!  FLOODED!  The trim finishing came to a screeching halt when our basement almost became a swimming pool. Swimming is great, BUT NOT in our basement!

When I got home on Tuesday, the two-inch hose draped across the driveway was the first sign that Paul did not have a great day. When he greeted me he said, “well, I’ve had better days”.  His exhausted comment meant that he had not made the progress planned for that day because he spent his time pumping water from the basement.  Gallons of water rushed through our basement floor via hydrostatic pressure.  A bit of backstory of our basement…..there was about half an inch of water throughout parts of the basement when we viewed the house the first time.  From that point, we figured the basement was just going to be a nice “standing” crawlspace.  We planned that nothing important would be stored there nor would the basement be used as living space.   Since we have been here, we have experienced extreme snow, rain, and wind…all while maintaining a dry basement….until now.

Although the basement remained completely dry since we maintained caution regarding its unpredictability. So, as a precaution, we stored almost everything 3 – 4″ off of the floor. In addition, Paul made it a morning ritual to check the basement to ensure there was no water accumulation.  That morning, he was shocked to see the water accumulation and promptly got a pump set up and running, which continued nonstop for 4 days. The pump promptly dropped the water level and kept up with the water coming in.

The reason I said the basement was “almost” a swimming pool makes me thankful that Paul was home….as gallons of water entered the basement.

Your response might be “that’s awful”.  Mine is a response of thankfulness. We are in the midst of this restoration that would bring many (maybe most) people in tears.  Not me. I have been fully on board through all the highs and lows. This is classified as a low, the time when HGTV would have a crew sweeping in to fix the problem.  Even with this low,  I’m still optimistic.  No, the “highs’ ‘ was not added as a quip regarding our water level, but hey, let’s assume it was. Humor in a crisis is a good sanity check.

For the title of this post: YES, I am flooded with thankfulness!!!!

Thankful that we financially saved for many years so my husband could pursue this dream.

Thankful that he hasn’t gotten discouraged through the trials.

Thankful this flood in our basement did not happen last year.  If you recall, we made numerous purchases and had thousands of dollars in products staged (cabinets, lumber, lighting, fixtures, furniture, appliances, etc, etc, etc.). If this flood had occurred last year we would have incurred huge financial loss.  We removed many of those items as recently as a month ago.

Thankful that this flood did not happen a week later when we had a trip planned.  Not being here would have resulted in the water rising to an unknown level.

We are thankful that the timing of this situation caused us a lot of work, but not a lot of loss.  These doors were being stored and staged for installation.  You can see the water level but we have no concern this wood will dry with no issues.

We are thankful for this experience so we can know how to prepare for the future. We had already made plans but now know exactly what we need for our sump pump and a generator to efficiently manage this flood-prone area.  We purchased the appropriate sump pump that is being installed and ready for the next flood season.

We are thankful for your encouragement through this process.

We are abundantly and humbly thankful for God’s grace, love, and provision in all things.


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