I have a new fan

Paul is my fan, I’m his fan too.

We thank all of you who have been following our blog and staying interested and supportive in our process. We are so pleasantly surprised to have 7000+ views. Thanks for being fans of our blog.

Now, we have a new fan.  Our new fan is tall, dark, and very handsome…..which is our ceiling fan. The fan not only looks great but it will also help to circulate cool air in the summer and warmth from our wood-burning stove in the winter. This was one of our late-night online purchases when the transformation of our master was a mere vision. We love the quality of the fan and the character it adds to this room.

The fan had a pull chain for the function of the light and fan.  We reconfigured the electrical so it functions by wall switches instead of having the hanging chains.  We consider this a much better system, not only for the cleaner look but also because this will be over the bed so the switch on the wall is much more sensible.

Moving on to the next room for trimwork:


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