7 inch baseboards are being installed. Baseboards being installed is another of many parts closer to this room being complete.  We are restoring the original baseboards. This involves the process of figuring out what goes where because it was all in a big heap in the basement. This is followed by repairing any broken pieces, filling holes and cracks, sanding, priming, painting, cutting, installing, etc. As with much of this project, it takes time but it’s coming along.

7 thousand views have been exceeded on our blog.  We started this farmhouse restoration project blog as a way to journal and share our journey with our friends and family. It has been fun and inspiring to have our number of views recently exceed 7000!  Wow! Thanks dear reader for your interest and encouragement. Stay with us. The best is yet to come.

7UP soda was created by the Howdy company in 1929.  So, this house is 4 years older than 7Up. It is the oldest remaining lemon-lime soda still on the market.  Because of growth in competition, its market share is down to 1%. As a result, some creative marketing is going on.  Such as the slogan “Do more with 7UP”, which is encouraging the use of 7Up in unique recipes like cinnamon rolls and guacamole.  Ironically, our original 7-inch baseboards are going up as 7Up is, simply said, going down. Thanks 7Up for comforting us over the years during flu season. Bringing this farmhouse back to life (along with some modern-day touches) has been comforting.   We are thankful that we were able to take on this labor of love project so this old place did not get torn down.  We will give serious consideration to have 7UP at our 100-year-old house birthday party.

7 has been viewed as representing perfection or completeness in the Bible.  God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th. We are not looking for perfection in this place, yet praying for God’s blessing over it.

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