In doors getting doors in

Today’s snow means the work is indoors as doors go in. 

The doors will be stripped and stained to a shade lighter than the “coffee” floor finish.  The door trim will be the same as the window trim with the “bit of sugar” white matching the shiplap and 7″ baseboards.

The changes we made to some of the rooms require some adjustments to door locations, swing direction, and in some cases, new door openings. Fortunately, there were extra doors and frames due to the elimination of a downstairs room and hallway, which was done approximately 20 years ago. The addition of a bathroom upstairs and the relocation of a bedroom necessitates modification of some door frames.  For two of the doors, modifying the size of the actual door is necessary. In addition, because of the number of years of settling, many of the doors did not close properly. And, for a couple of the doors, we are changing the swing to optimize the use of the room. For example, the guest bedroom had a door swing to the right and we are modifying it to swing left. This will allow for a much more spacious layout for the furniture arrangement.  As with much of this project, the work is time-consuming and requires the proper tools and woodworking skills. The end result will be beautiful original doors that function properly.

These doors are staged and ready to once again be a part of this home.

These beautiful original knobs and the original hardware will be used throughout.

The truth is, we would be working indoors no matter what the weather. We would have been inside anyway because the master bath is nearing completion.  After the doors are installed, the tub and vanities are ready to finish this room off.

Our snow day today compared to our snow day 11 months ago:


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