Indoor updates

We were happy with our decision to hold off on the interior finishing of this house to get the exterior completed before the winter weather was upon us again.  During these cold days, being indoors painting the shiplap and trim is just fine. Here’s what’s happening inside our old farmhouse.

Window trim installed:

The shower is almost ready:

Lights for over the vanity, one on each side (his and hers):

We converted a previous bedroom at the end of the hall into the master bath.  Obviously, this involved a great deal of work regarding plumbing and electrical to make that happen.  Here are the beginning stages of closing off the bedroom entrance to wall off the toilet and shower.

The only bathroom upstairs was a very small 1/2 bath that was so small we dubbed it the “porta-potty” because it was actually the size of a porta-potty.  We felt strongly that the downstairs tub was not enough and a full standing shower was necessary.  The history of showers starts with God’s shower, the waterfall.  In ancient Egypt, water jugs were used to create a shower.  The health benefits of showers were realized and in 1767 when the first patent for a hand pump shower was granted in England.  It was in 1850 that indoor plumbing was more common, making indoor showers possible.  So it was not standard for the time that this 1925 farmhouse would have a shower.  There is evidence of plumbing for a shower, but we have not seen any of the fixtures.  We really don’t know but speculate that the plumbing for the clawfoot shower might have been added later. We purchased a tub shower kit for the downstairs clawfoot tub, which we will refinish. One study we found said, “In the US bathtubs (and bathing for health reasons) was widely accepted by the 1880s, but showers did not become as widespread until the 1930s-40s.”  Which explains why this 1925 farmhouse did not have the extravagance of an upstairs tub and/or shower. Although in many ways we strive to keep the charm of this old house, the convenience of a shower, because of daily frequency, prompted us to update this house with a master bath and shower.

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