Happy New Year!!!  Thank you for staying with us through 2019 as we have embarked on this farmhouse restoration.  It has been an adventure and we are so excited about the transformation you will see in 2020. So much of the work we have done this past year has been behind the scenes work, such as foundation, electrical, plumbing, etc.  In 2020 the progress will be much more visible in terms of the finishing touches.  We will be starting off the year with the completion of shiplap and trim. That will be followed up with the installation of tubs, light fixtures, etc…which are all purchased, staged, and ready to go.

We are inspired by our design vision.  As we have done many times in the past, we think of what this house looked like back in 1925 in comparison to now. Here is a picture of an example of typical interior design in 1925:

This picture is retrieved from the internet, something that was only part of a wild imagination back then.  Notice there is both a secretary and a writing desk in the living room area. This is a visual to reflect on the difference in lifestyles between 1925 to 2020.  There were more areas for people to write – the red secretary in the corner and the writing desk in the middle of the room.  How long has it been since you have written someone a letter?  For us, it has been a very long time. Why write a letter when we have the option to call, text, or email?

Notice the checked floor in the photo.  That plastic/vinyl/laminate (really not sure what to call it) is a very thick layer.  The pictures below are what we stripped off our floors.  Like many things in this project, stripping the flooring material was simply elbow grease and time.

Followup up with patching the floor and restoring the old-growth fir floor:

Reminder of the then (1925) and the now (2020):

Major things we changed to keep up with the times:  Added an ensuite to the master, a laundry room, updated electrical, upgraded drains, added a dishwasher, double paned windows, insulation, drywall (previous lap and plaster).  Those are just a few upgrades that were not part of the 1925 construction.

One interesting thing to point out is that this house was not constructed with phone lines because during that time most homes did not have phones.  Over the years someone added phone lines.  We have essentially gone full circle regarding phones.  First, there were none and now again there will be none because we don’t need a landline with cell technology.  This house has so many stories within its walls for its life over the last 95 years. What will be said about this house in 95 years from now?

We are so excited to share with you throughout 2020 when our progress will be complete.  Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!!!


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