Trim time

Checking things off list:

The fall trimming of the trees.

The trimming of the Christmas tree.

Trim the house interior (in progress) 𐄂

We enjoyed the Christmas season with family and hope you did as well. For us, it was a time to celebrate Jesus and appreciate a time of rest with loved ones.  Our days get so very busy that those times are cherished.

Now it is time to get back to the Farmhouse.  Although this farmhouse is a labor of love, the word labor is fitting so the time to take a restful break was energizing.  Next on the checklist,  it is time for trim installation and interior painting.  We are repurposing the trim from the past.  The time-consuming part of that process is getting the enormous stacks of trim sorted and nails removed. Then installed, sanded and painted.  This trimming is not nearly as fun as it was to trim the Christmas tree, but certainly, a time that will get this old house that much closer to being finished. 

When we purchased the farmhouse, 90% of the trim had been removed and stored throughout the house – primarily in the basement. The stacks of trim were intermixed with everything else that had been sitting in the house for the past 40 years. Not much care was taken for how the fir trim was stored and the storage method resembled more of a haystack than carefully placed piles. One of our first tasks, when we purchased the old place, was to separate the trim from everything else and get it off of the floor to prevent any further damage. One positive is that whoever removed the trim marked the location from where it was removed. Not all of the pieces are marked, and much of the printing has faded and is no longer visible, but what did survive is a helpful starting point. It appears that the trim was removed roughly 20 years ago when the previous owner had a notion to begin a remodel….but that is another story. We had not seen the house with the trim in place so it is an interesting process to figure out where the unmarked pieces belong.  We have always enjoyed puzzles, but this is a new level.  Yet, we are not puzzled.



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