Putting on jeans and a T-shirt

Quoting designer Deborah Osburn in reference to subway tile, “it’s become a classic, like jeans and a T-shirt”.  She said, “like jeans and a T-shirt, subway tile is a timeless, practical staple that goes with just about everything”.

 “Subway tile” earned its name from its origin when it was first used in 1904 for the Manhattan subway. The designer was looking for a surface that would be easily cleaned.  The tiles were sanitary, glossy, and bright.  So today, as we approach 2020, we are reviving this charming 1925 farmhouse using subway tile. Our motive is the same, to create a timeless look with a surface that is bright and easy to clean.


The original subway tiles measured 3×6.  Today there are many options for size and for beveled or non-beveled.  Our tiles are 4×16 with no bevel. The look and style can dramatically change with the choice of grout as well.  The grout can change the look from traditional to modern. It is a common design to have the grout very dark, which is a nice contrast, but we thought keeping a traditional light grout would be a good look for our farmhouse.

White grout:


After the cleaning and unloading of this messy and overcrowded place, we have affirmed our goal to live simply.  Subway tile goes along with that simple, classic design plan.  We are thankful for the simple things in life.  Unless there is a special occasion, you will typically find us happy to spend our days in jeans and a T-shirt, enjoying simple living.

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