Putting on a chic skirt

Almost done…time to finish the skirting, paint the door, and we will be inside for the winter for interior restoration.  The lattice deck skirt is traditional but we prefer the heartier and simpler look of the horizontal slat design we selected.  Note that all the horizontal skirting is repurposed from the previous porch deck.   With exception to the 2×2 balusters, the rebuilt porch is all repurposed from the previous porch and deck wood. Compared to the previous deck that consisted of short walls, narrow steps, and lattice; the new has widened steps, railing, starting posts, horizontal skirting, and column supports.

It was time for this guy to take a well-deserved break:

Did you notice the blue ceiling?  If you don’t know why go back to the post “The Bluest Skies…”.  Also, I need to make a correction to the “Friendly Affirmations” post.  I said that there have been an average of one visitor per day. Lately, that number is an average of 5 per day.  Some have even shown enough interest to stop for a full tour.

Here he is doing yard work.  For most of us, that means working on the yard. For him it’s working in the yard.

We are taking our porch sitters union responsibilities seriously (Post: “P to the 8th power”).  A place to sit a spell.

Here are reminders of the old:



  • Eric Clancy

    This is looking amazing guys! Really am excited for what’s to come. The porch turned out awesome! Great job! I love the look of everything you guys have chosen!

    • monika

      Thanks Eric 🙂 It has been so fun getting so much feedback from people coming by. Several people have told us that they make a detour to pass our house just to see the progress. We are headed indoors for winter and hoping to have speedier progress there. The porch was a big rebuild so it took a while.

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