Friendly affirmations

Restoring this house is a labor of love.  We are motivated by our vision for the day the house is fully restored and we stop calling it a house and call it home.  The progress is steady, but progress takes time.  We are in no way discouraged because we knew that this was going to be a large scale project.  None the less,  your words of encouragement in this long process have been inspiring and appreciated.

Thank you to all of you who have given us encouragement via our blog or in person.  Many locals stopped at the house just to say hello and share words of support.  There’s been an average of at least one person per day stopping by to say hello and “we love what you’re doing with the house….” and/or “the color you painted looks great”…and/or “it’s so nice that you’ve cleaned up the property”.  Many people have shared that they have been watching this house for years and are glad it is being restored.  We have even had people simply honk and yell “it looks great” or “keep it up” or simply give the thumbs-up gesture. 

The porch progress is coming along. 

 Here is a reminder of what was:

We are in anticipation of the time when we can welcome our visitors and ask them to come sit a spell on our porch.  Remember, we are official members of the Porch Sitters Union after all.

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