We are primed and ready

To be primed is to be ready and prepared for change. At the farmhouse, we are primed and ready to segue into the next season. 

We have gotten a lot of positive feedback regarding our color choice. Thank you! We like it too.  This picture shows the primer painted on the concrete foundation. It’s fun to see what it would look like if we decided to paint the concrete the trim color but no, it’s not staying that way.  This is only the primer.

Primer prior to final painting promotes durability, adhesion, and protects from uneven absorption. Taking the time to prime this concrete was necessary because it had never been treated in its 94-year life.

Getting these trees trimmed was another fall project to be primed for winter.  Our guess is these trees had not been trimmed for at least 15 years – so that was long overdue.

Next up,  porch completion.

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