Sweet and Spicy

Here is a preview of our new exterior paint. The trim color is called “bit of sugar”…sweet. The main house color is “peppercorn”…spicy

This is only a preview because it is not finished yet.  We felt the need to get as much done as possible regarding exterior painting before the weather stifled progress, therefore; we had the exterior painted while we are still working on the porch. We are very pleased with the job our contractor did.  I’m sharing a picture of the new paint and a picture of the old at a time when we were snowed in working out our timing to get the house painted before the next winter season.

The timeline for getting paint completed before prohibitive weather means we are not done with exterior paint yet, but the majority is complete. When the porch is completed there will be railing that will match the white trim and the front porch surface and stairs will be a lighter gray Trex.  Completed porch pictures coming soon…thanks for following our progress!



  • Janet

    Love following your progress and the paint choice was perfect! Would love to use these colors on our home. Can you share the paint brand that you used?

    • monika

      Sure. The body is called Peppercorn. Sherwin Williams. We painted five different samples before we selected that one. It is surprising how different the color is in the different light. We are happy with our choice. Even the whites can be so challenging. I didnt want blue undertones because it makes it look too bright. The Bit of Sugar color is crisp but warm. Please send me a picture of your house before and after to farmhouserevivers@gmail.com. How fun!

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