Old is new again

“Sooner or later everything old is new again”, quoting Stephen King.

I am not a Stephen King fan. That’s not to say that he is not a good writer.  From what I am told, his writing is finely crafted. It is his genre that does not appeal to me, more specifically it scares me. There are a couple of people in my family who read all his work. That is how I have come to know his quote “sooner or later everything old is new again”.  

For this old house, we are reviving what was left abandoned and neglected.  We are making the old new again.  One of many steps in that process is replacing the rotting boards in the eaves and siding.  The old paint is being stripped. The entire house is being sealed via caulking, which has never been done before. Priming and painting are pending.  (Praying for a pause in the forecasted rain!)

Rotted boards in the soffits were replaced.  Note that all the wood that was used to replace the dryrot areas were salvaged from the property:

We are very pleased with how meticulous our contractor is with the caulking:

Peeling off the old to prepare for the new:

What did Stephen King mean by his quote?  I’m pretty sure those Stephen King fans in my family know, however; what it means to me is this house was considered old to its previous owner of over 40 years but what I see is something new…especially with our revival work to make it new again.  Thanks for staying with us to follow our progress. It is such a joy to share with you. This is our journey and you following along with us makes it all the more special.

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