We have desided

Yes, we know the title is spelled incorrectly…be patient…

We desided (decided) to take another week away from the farmhouse to spend time with family.  The time away would have yielded much progress, but our decision to relax with family was a good one and we had a wonderful break.

We are back and continuing our farmhouse restoration project.  Here is the reason for the spelling fopaux: we are repairing the 94-year-old siding in preparation for painting.  We are literally desiding; de (meaning removal)-siding (94-year-old house siding). While the original siding was in remarkable shape, the years had taken their toll in particular areas. Our decision to change the porch design was helpful for this situation. We are able to use all the siding from the porch to replace those areas that needed it. We are thankful that the siding from the front porch was more than enough to cover those areas that needed to be replaced. Therefore, essentially allowing the exterior to keep its old farmhouse character because all the siding is the original wood. Repairing the siding typically consisted of removing damaged/broken siding pieces, countersinking nails, caulking cracks/holes, and using carpenter skills to recondition the corner miters of the flared “skirt” that are characteristic of that era.  We have more research to do to learn about the origin of this flared skirt design.  Most homes with the flared skirt design are shingle siding which is much less complex regarding the installation and residing, or “de-siding”.  Please share if you have some knowledge on the topic. 

Summer is coming to a close. Schedules are in full swing.  So, no more breaks. 

What’s happening soon:

  • Siding repair completion.
  • Countertops will be delivered and installed next week.
  • Front porch surface is being stripped next week.
  • Painters will be here in 2 weeks

Thanks for emailing us your plum recipes. Now the pears are ready!




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