More P’s

What?  More P’s?  Yep!

Picking Pretty Plums Past Pears Post Property Purchase.  Please Provide Participation.

Take a look at all those yummy plums!

Please participate by sharing your favorite plum recipe.  This weekend I will be making plum bread, plum chicken, and plum apple crisp.  Do you have a favorite recipe? Please share. The pears are not on the plan for the baking weekend because they need more time.

With the four acres we purchased with our charming farmhouse we were blessed with an abundance of fruit and nut trees.  I would like to pretend I know what I’m am doing, but the truth is that I have no idea what to do with these walnuts.  Share your experience/knowledge if you want.  So far this walnut tree has only served as entertainment for the crows.


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