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PPPPPPPP:  Posting Proficient Paul’s Porch Progress Pending Pricey Painters 

Here is where we started: (wanting to give you a genuine feel for the project by including the picture of all the junk that was left on the porch)

Front porches are as American as apple pie and the history of the American front porch is in some ways the history of the American people as well. The porch became a thing approximately 125 years ago when “porch” just meant a covered entry over a door. What started as a symbol of status and evolved as a functional design ended up being a catalyst to the ideal American town as gathering on front porches created a feeling of community and family.

In today’s construction, there is a decline in the use of porches. Many homes don’t have that transitional space because air-conditioning, television, computers, and other enticements draw people inside the home. American porch culture isn’t what it used to be. The education director at an arboretum in Louisville Kentucky, Claude Stephens, is trying to change that.  He is the founder of the Professional Porch Sitters Union Local 1339. The group doesn’t have a motto, just a suggestion: “Sit down a spell” 

From the porch sitters union website: “Whatever you’re doing, it can wait. Take a load off and come sit a spell. Everyone is welcome. Basic membership is free. You can conduct your own meetings, too. It’s easy. Invite some friends and/or family to come over, or not, and sit on the Porch. Shoot the breeze or sit back and feel the breeze. It makes no never mind. There is no agenda except to say, relax, reflect and rejoice. If you enjoy Porch sitting, you’re in. Welcome to the Porch Sitters Union.” 

Since there is no membership fee and meetings are on our schedule, we are self-proclaimed members.   Come join us!  (Not yet, but soon.  We will keep you posted)

Side note: Our porch swing is on its way.  A purchase we made online while sitting on our porch.

When a house is 94 years old things shift and sag. The south side of the porch had settled over an inch.  Within the short walls of the porch were insect nests, rodent nests, vines, and dry rot.  So, the first thing to do was to get rid of the dry rot and insect/animal infestation. The second step is to relevel the porch by adding new supporting lumber. The siding removed from the porch will be repurposed throughout the exterior of the house where damaged siding exists.   Step 1: demo.  Step 2: leveling. The next steps are all to complete the porch rebuild to be ready for the painting team.  We are changing the design of the porch.  We will share that as the progress happens.  Thanks for following along on our adventure.

Treasures found under the porch. Stories of how and why they got there would be interesting:



  • Stephen Lee

    Monika, I think the porch culture has gone to the back. Instead of porches, we now have decks where people go to rest and relax. The biggest change is this isolates us rather than bring us together. on the porch one can interact with neighbors who pass by. On the deck we’re alone.

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