Coffee with a bit of sugar

We are loving our coffee with a bit of sugar. 

It is true that we love those mornings when we have time to sit while we sip our coffee and converse before we dig into our projects, but the coffee in our cups has a bit of cream, not sugar.  The coffee that we love with a bit of sugar is in reference to our finishes.  The name of the floor stain is called “coffee” and the paint color that we will use throughout the house is called “bit of sugar”.

Next up on the project list are the countertops. The island is being constructed from repurposed wood from the old house.  The new cabinets are ready for the countertop measurements and installation.

Following the cabinet installation, the interior work will then be on hold until the porch is rebuilt to prepare for exterior painting.  We are excited for the time that is soon to come when we will sit on our front porch sipping our coffee.  To commemorate our progress, we might just have our coffee with a bit of sugar instead of cream, just for fun.

Side note:  The colors we have are “coffee” and “bit of sugar”.  The exterior paint color we will be using for the body of the house is called “peppercorn” (which is humorous because Paul puts pepper on everything). We certainly did not select the colors based on their names but we do think it’s funny especially because we are self-proclaimed foodies.  Now I want to find something called IPA for my hard-working husband.


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