Filling in the gaps

As a teacher, the importance of helping a student fill in the gaps is a big part of my mission.  A student will often become frustrated or discouraged if they don’t understand and then come to the dreaded conclusion they are dumb.  Helping a student fill in knowledge gaps can help them push past that feeling and learn that putting in extra time is often all that is needed.

Creative ways to keep students motivated to make that extra effort is one thing I think about when I am painting shiplap.   There is a lot of time to think as I am painting the nickel gap of each board with a very small paintbrush. Each groove of shiplap needs to have the gap filled without paint buildup. This is a time-consuming and tedious process.  A process that is well worth it when it is done. 

Our entire house will be shiplap.  We see this as the perfect choice for a 1925 farmhouse.  So, this will be a long process. My sanity will be maintained via good music, audiobooks, and conversation with my husband who is not only my life partner but my painting partner.

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  • Eric Clancy

    Looking awesome!!!!! Can’t wait for the next installment. Super jealous but also super happy for you guys. Hope all is well!

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