Taking off a layer in the summer heat

A person living in Washington state understands the concept of layering.  Just yesterday we were wearing a t-shirt and sweatshirt even though we are in summer.  Today the sweatshirt layer was removed and only a t-shirt was needed.  

The stripping of a layer for this old farmhouse is not nearly as simple as taking off that cozy sweatshirt.  Stripping the 94-year aged paint layers is going to take a lot of work and time.  

We don’t want to neglect this sweet old place for another winter so the exterior is being bumped up on our priority list.  We will do some rebuilding of the porch and removing the layers of old paint to prepare for the painter scheduled in early September. At this point, we are getting kitchen cabinets installed so the countertop contractors can have time to do their job. Following that, we will focus on the exterior to prepare for painting.

Here is our color palette: the body of the house will be dark gray, the front door will be black, and the trim will be white.  The main factors for consideration are the existing green metal roof.  Also, we want to present some distinct contrast while still keeping the charm of the design.  Your opinion, thoughts, words of wisdom are welcome!

I know you have seen this but wanted to give you a photo to visualize the color.  All the window trim, rebuilt porch railing, and corbels will be white:

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