I am floored!!!

We were pleasantly surprised when we dug past all the mess in this old house to reveal the original fir wood floor.  The downstairs bathroom was the only room that required floor removal because of some dry-rotted areas. Removing the fir from that room, which will be replaced with tile, gave enough fir material to patch some areas throughout the house that needed patching.  This was one of many times that I thought “how did he know how to do that?” yet he did.  He, being my crew of one (crew of one is my term of endearment for Paul in case you have not been reading previous blog posts). He patched several areas to feather in the floor.  These pics are to show you the sad state this floor was in:

The title of this post “I am floored” might lead you to think I am surprised.  That is actually not at all true. We were very excited about the wood floor throughout the house.  I am floored in this case means we have floors, wooohooo… This was another milestone as our flooring contractor unveiled gorgeous wood beneath years of layers.  The process has been loud, extremely dusty, and exciting. These photos are revealing (yes, dorky pun intended).  More pictures to follow to share the stain and finish.  

What a contrast:

Restoration! Next stain and finishing:

Let me remind you where we started:

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