Stay tuned while we go to commercial break

You may recall from a previous post we acknowledged we aren’t like HGTV from the standpoint we don’t have a crew that sweeps in to get the job done in a week.  We also don’t have commercial breaks.  We don’t have that time during the project when a dramatic situation is revealed, bringing with it a big surprise setback. An example of such a setback could be something like discovering a crack in the foundation wall.  On the shows, the dramatic element is revealed as the big decision is made as to how to proceed within the budget. ...The show goes to commercial break…

Our farmhouse restoration does not get commercial breaks; however, Paul did get the fun opportunity to take a break from his work to shoot a commercial.   The reality was more shoot, edit, shoot, edit, edit, edit, and more edit.  Then Paul’s moment(s) of fame came on several commercial breaks during the Kiro 7 News.

The background story here is when we purchased the house, we knew from the beginning there were a few major cracks in the foundation and significant settling of the foundation walls that supported the back porch.  It was very apparent, but we loved the character of this old place so much that we decided to take on this challenge. After interviewing a few foundation companies, we decided to hire R&R Foundation Specialists.  Paul was very satisfied with the job they did so he accepted their invitation to help them with a commercial.   The question often prompted by the commercial is “did he get a big discount on the foundation repair?” or “did he get paid for being in the commercial?”  The answer is no and no.  R&R did a good job and as Paul said in the commercial “this house isn’t going anywhere”.  They did a solid job and they swooped in and out like an HGTV crew. So, he was happy to give them support via the commercial.

Foundation pre-repair:

R&R Foundation repair crew, swooped in to do the repair in 3 days!

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