Welcome distractions

Its been a while since we’ve written a post.   What can I say…we’ve been distracted.

We are excited to make a lot of progress on our restoration this summer.  It would be so exciting to dig in and have the house completely finished in the fall. We know that’s not going to happen because, although we plan to really dig in and work hard, we will not compromise the welcome distraction of friends and family.  This farmhouse restoration is personal, it’s not a “get it done” project. We are restoring and making this place home. We are doing so with quality and love. To outsiders, the progress might seem slow because of all the behind-the-scenes work that is going on to complete truly quality work, but we are completely fine without speedy progress.  We are enjoying the mile we are in.   We do not have a crew sweeping in to finish the job in a week like seen on HGTV. 

Along with the time it takes to work on a restoration of this magnitude we are not putting a hold on our lives to make it happen. We do and always will put family first.  We will take any opportunity to spend time with our boys.  Recently our youngest son and his fiance spent a week with us at the farmhouse. Progress wasn’t completely on hold though because they had a lot of fun helping us clear the field. If you are a parent, you might remember those days when you gave your kids something to distract them so you could get something, anything, done.  For me, one of those memories is giving them a bunch of plastic bowls and pots and letting them have a drumming session with wooden spoons.  Well, when they get older those simple things don’t work anymore.  So, give the kid a tractor and you not only have a distraction to entertain them but you end up with cleared fields..win, win!

A cleared field and a spring evening, beautiful!!!Two weeks this summer will be spent with friends and family coming to visit our lake cabin (if you have been following you might remember that from the “A Little Background” post).  That will bring us another welcome distraction. We are treasuring each day God has given us. The project will be done in time.  Distractions are welcome!



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  • Eric Clancy

    Monika and Paul,
    Thanks to these “welcome distractions” we were able to meet you guys at my parents house w/ Jeff and Michael Lynn. It was great to meet you guys and listen to your excitement and passion about this amazing process, I can only hope to share in this process one day! As long as I can remember I would watch This Old House and New Yankee Workshop and have always loved building things! I applaud you on the leap of faith that you took and gives a guy like me hope that I too can some day find a project like this and RESTORE houses like these to their former years of pride and glory. It seems these days everybody is sacrificing size for quality and houses like these are becoming unicorns as developers are scooping up
    Properties like this and putting 30 homes on 4 acres. Congratulations and you guys know how to get ahold of me now if you ever need anything.

    Thanks again for sharing your story tonight and it was great to meet you guys! Hopefully we can meet again soon! Good luck with the rest of the project and I am anxiously waiting for the next posts!

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