When is it time to smooth things over?

I would guess that we have all done or said something that gave us a feeling of regret?  For me personally, that usually happens when I am tired and become impatient with someone for no reason of relevance.  Paul has been the recipient of such a response more than anyone because he gets the best of me at the end of a long day.  For me, a time of fatigue goes along with impatience.   When that impatient part of me surfaces I typically get and immediate feeling of regret.  The recognition that I said something in haste is a response that tells me I should smooth things over by explaining myself and apologizing. Smoothing over hurt feelings is not as easy as it is to smooth over walls, via taping and mudding, but it’s much less expensive.

Taping and mudding is the process of sealing and covering the seams and screws of drywall.  The process involves three time consuming stages of taping, mudding, and sanding. The result should be perfectly smooth walls with all joints and screws becoming invisible.  The next step will be to add texture and paint.

Progress continues as we move toward more visible results.  You have received much of the visual, via pictures,  along with written details of the progress.  What most people have not been able to experience is the smell.  We started with a smell that was, lets say, interesting.  Try to imagine the smell of a 1925 farmhouse that was owned by a hoarder.  We have removed much of the smell via massive cleanup.  Now we have reached a turning point, can you imagine how we feel now when this recent progress has transformed this place to the point that we have the “new house smell”?  Very exciting!!!


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