Honey do list

Do you have a honey do list at your house? Do you need to take out the garbage, mow the lawn, take the dog for a walk?….What is on your honey-do list?

Paul’s Honey Do List:

Tile: kitchen, bathroom (wall and floor)
Install shiplap throughout the house
Repair floor (feathering in old growth fir into gaps in existing fir)
Refinish floor
Install trim
Refinish doors
Refinish built in cabinets
Install finished electrical
Install plumbing and lighting fixtures
Install wood stove and pipe
Install kitchen cabinets
Build kitchen island
Build counter in the laundry room
Level and resurface floor in the laundry room
Build 2 barn doors
Finish air conditioning installation
Weatherproof front door
Repurpose reclaimed wood for 4 floating shelves
Repurpose antique dresser to retrofit it into a bathroom vanity
Hire contractors: (taping, texturing, interior and exterior paint)
Rebuild existing porch (relevel) and add new railing
Repair existing lap siding
Caulk siding and windows
Repair damaged exterior wood
Clean roof
Mow four acres
Remove Blackberry bushes
Trim trees
Plan future projects (patio, rework pump room, rebuild milking barn, build a garage, rebuild shop)

So, is your honey-do list looking more manageable at this point? Likely, but let me assure you that this list is in no way a complaint. Paul (my crew of one) is loving this project. He is loving the process and enjoys checking off the items on the list. This is his dream come true.

Paul utilized a few hours between projects to start the floor repair:

Look at the previous picture showing where Paul is working on the floor, the following pictures are to remind you of the condition of the house when we started. The first three months were full days of clearing the house and property of trash. Now real progress is being made. There are many things on the Honey-do list and many that have already been checked off.

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