Insulated from the world

Old houses are often considered spooky. That could be a result of mental images from books or movies. Or, it could be because old houses were not insulated, therefore being cold and loud. The echo and/or creaking sound that can occur with the slightest movement can create a spooky feeling. Insulation is the remedy for that spook factor. One small part of our immense cleanup project was to remove feathers that were in the walls. They really aren’t feathers though. They look exactly like feathers but, the feather-like material was actually fiberglass that was stuffed into the space created by the flare of the outer walls. How those acted as any sort of real insulation is a mystery to us…not a spooky mystery though.

So, we have brought the house up to modern standards by having the entire house insulated. The added insulation provides quiet; warmth for the winter; and cool for summer. Extra care was taken to remove trim so 2” holes could be drilled in concealed locations to allow for batting, rigid, or blow-in insulation. The goal was to insulate the entire home without compromising its appearance or structure.

The insulation installation was quickly followed up with sheetrock. Progress!

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