The grass is always greener…

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence…not true for us. Since we don’t have a fence yet that could not be true. More so, we are so thankful for the opportunity to restore this farmhouse that we are too grateful and too busy to wish for more. Also not true because we are enjoying our grass, weeds and all, more than we can say. Mowing was fun with our first riding lawn mower. The smell brought great joy.

Which of your five senses do you consider your strongest? Of course there are challenges if any of the senses are absent, yet I am going to put my opinion out there and suggest that the sense of smell would be the easiest to live without. That would surprise my kids who say I have a “super sniffer”. My mood is lifted with the smell of fresh baked pie, the ocean, and of course fresh cut grass.

For our windows you got a bit of a history lesson, now you get a mini science lesson. I hate to take the joy out of your yard work, but it is said that the smell that is emitted when you smell the fresh cut grass is the smell of the plant in distress. There is mixed opinion regarding that research but the studies we reviewed agreed that: 1) It is a plant’s way of repelling the insect that’s eating it by making itself smell less appetizing to the insect. 2) It’s also a way for plants to call the parasitic insects to protect them from plant-eating creatures. Parasitic insects like wasps are expected to come and lay eggs inside herbivorous insects like caterpillars. And that ultimately saves the other plants from being eaten.

Another study conducted by Osaka City University Graduate school of medicine says that this odor is called green odor and has a psychological effect of healing psychological damage caused by stress. So, I thought I liked the smell because it brought with it the joy of sunshine and nature but may actually just be my stress remedy. Either way, we will continue mowing.

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