To everything there is a season

We are in a new season of life as we “empty nesters” revive this house and bring it into its own new season. The progress has seemed slow as all the foundational work of plumbing and electrical is completed. Soon the progress will seem faster as it is more visible. Analogous to raising kids, the time seems almost strenuous at the time but we need to remember to enjoy the process and not rush it.
We ordered 64 Giant Thuja trees online. We ordered these small trees because they are quick growers (growth of 12″ to 24″ expected per year). We were pretty disappointed when we received the order because the trees were much smaller than advertised. Despite our disappointment, we planted them hoping they will be healthy and grow quickly to serve their purpose of shielding the view and sound from the road.

The trees being large enough to serve their purpose will take a few years. However, putting that into perspective with how quickly we have moved from one season to the next in our lives, the trees will be tall soon. I would use the height of those trees as a benchmark. By the time those trees are tall enough to block the view of the road, our farmhouse restoration will be a memory as we enjoy our beautiful country home. Our expansive garden, that is only part of our vision at this time, will keep us busy in that season.

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