Stories of Old

Here is our charming farmhouse long before we got here. What stories would these people tell?:

Spring is in the air. There is still a crisp chill but the bright clear sky is drawing people outside. The smell of fresh cut grass fills the air. We are so close to the Centennial Trail that cyclists continually stream past the house. Some people might be annoyed by the number of cyclists that come by, not us, we LOVE it. We love the excitement that comes with spring. The increased activity yields itself to meeting neighbors because they are out walking, which means we have the opportunity to meet them and hear more stories of the past. We’ve heard snippets shared that we live on what was previously known to be Pleasant Valley Farms. Tales told said that schools would come here for field trips to see the dairy farm and eat ice cream.
Where we are now:

The stories told by people stopping in to say hello are the best, but this age of social media communication has given this project added life. Thank you for all of you who have subscribed and are following us on our journey. This blog has been a motivator for me to journal. I think journaling is a way of sharing the past. I have never been good about keeping a journal alive so this blog is encouraging me to do so.

We posted on the Snohomish Facebook page and received hundreds of responses. Such as:
“So nice to see someone bringing life back into the place…”
“Aww, I’m so glad you bought it! I always wanted to buy it and make it beautiful again”
“I am so happy to see someone giving this beauty some love! I drive by often to see the progress”
“When I was in high school during the summer I would walk down there to pick raspberries”

Those are just a few of many comments. Thanks for chiming in and for your encouragement.


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